Tom Brady: 6th Round To G.O.A.T.

The man that went 199th overall in the 6th round of the 2000 NFL draft is now possibly the greatest player of all time. Back then, Brady was considered an average quarterback, but then he went to eight Super Bowls and won five of them.

Brady turned into a great story about someone who was slept on in the draft and then exceeded expectations as a professional. Antonio Brown is another example of a player that was picked late in the draft and later became one of the greatest at his position (wide receiver) today. It is common to hear about players that are great in college, but their talent does not translate to the the pro’s, like Johnny Manziel or Ryan Leaf. When players go low in the draft, it is normally because of a poor performance in the combine, a showcase where college players display their skills for NFL scouts. Another reason that Tom Brady went so late in the draft is because, back then, his body looked like melted ice cream. He was not fast at all and could not put on muscle.

His first two years as a quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines, he lost the battle for the starting position, which hurt his value. He eventually did get the starting position and did alright. He entered the 2000 NFL draft and was passed up 198 times and each team had the opportunity to draft him multiple times. After a long wait, he was finally drafted by the only team that saw something in him, the New England Patriots.

At the beginning of his career, he was the backup to the famous Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe. This seems to be a factor with great players: that they were once the backup to a legend.  For example, Aaron Rodgers, one of the most accurate passers of all time, was once the backup to the legendary Brett Favre.


After all the drama of not being the starter for two years at college, being drafted late, and then sitting on the bench behind Bledsoe, Brady led the Patriots to one of the greatest dynasties in football history. He has more championship rings himself than most teams get in their history. He has won 5 of his 8 Super Bowl appearances and has won the league MVP award three times. If you can think of an all-time stat that a quarterback can have, than he most likely has that record.



Tom Brady was picked in the 6th round of the draft and is one of the most well accomplished player of all time, but the question still stands. Is he the Greatest Of All Time?


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