Top Ten Dangerous Animals

The world is full of many cute and unique animals, but also the deadly. Every year, an estimated one million people are killed by these ten animals combined, which shows they are not to be messed with.*

 #10: The Brazilian Wandering Spider

Starting off the list is the Brazilian Wandering Spider, known by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most venomous spider in the world in 2010. Mostly found in the jungles of South America, these spiders, as suggested by their name, wander around the terrain and into people’s houses. This makes it dangerous for those who live there at night as they could wander in and inject them with their venom. Being bitten won’t necessarily kill a person, but if the injection is a lethal concentration, their venom causes immense pain along with muscle spasms, breathing problems, and eventually suffocation if not treated immediately.

#9: The Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo can be very dangerous to those who live in Africa. A single buffalo can run up to speeds of 40 mph and don’t mind trampling over anything in front of it. They can also weigh around 1,000 to 2,000 pounds, which is not something you want to be in front of. These beasts usually kill around 600 people per year and cause massive damage to property due to the trampling herds through the continent.

#8: The Cone Snail

The cone snail is dangerous to humans, like many other animals, because of its lethal venom. If threatened, these creatures will also shoot a pointed harpoon which can pierce deep into the body of its predator, and that includes humans. Don’t let the attractive colors on its shell trick you. If the venom gets inside your body, it could lead to muscle paralysis and respiratory failure, which would ultimately lead to death.

#7: The Great White Shark

Just because it dwells in the water doesn’t mean it can’t still be dangerous. The Great White Shark is one of the fiercest predators in the oceans of the world. Even though shark attacks aren’t that common, there have been many people in the world who have either been killed or maimed due to these massive fish biting chunks out of them. Since they have about 50 razor sharp teeth ready to rip into its prey, you sure don’t want to be in the same water when it is around.

#6: The African Elephant

The African Elephant may not seem as deadly as the others on this list. Even though they do not kill many people per year, what’s dangerous about them is their volatile behavior. Elephants have sometimes been known to charge, attack, or trample humans without being provoked. Weighing about around 8,000 pounds, you would not want to be anywhere near that charging behemoth.

#5: The Hippopotamus

Africa just doesn’t get a break. Also dwelling on the continent is the hippopotamus. Even though they are not as big as an elephant, these animals can run a lot faster and kill more people (around 500 per year) without provocation. Known to be extremely aggressive, the hippo also has a tremendously powerful mouth that is able to crush items way stronger than a human body. These creatures are also known to be considerably aggressive and are known to attack animals or people who trespass into their waters.

#4: The Saltwater Crocodile

The Saltwater Crocodile is the largest reptile currently in the world. Able to grow to lengths of 7 meters (23.0 feet), these reptilian beasts also have one of the strongest jaws out of any animal on the planet. Although many attacks are only due to people wandering into their territory, there have been many accounts of fatal injuries or even death occurring from these monster’s famous death roll, which it then drags victims back into the murky waters.

#3 The Box Jellyfish

The Box Jellyfish, though small it may be, contains one of the most deadliest toxins on the earth. Known to cause around 60 deaths per year, these creatures are even more deadly because of their translucent exterior. Although their stings are treatable, they could also kill a human by either paralyzing them in the water, which could drown the human, or, if left untreated long enough, could stop their heart.

#2 The Black Mamba Snake

These unpredictable snakes will attack humans if scared or threatened. Cornering these snakes would not be suggested as a bite and injection of their highly lethal toxin can cause a human to be rendered unconscious in about one hour, which can be followed by death about ten hours later if not treated properly. These snakes are commonly found in, you guessed it: Africa, where it is the most feared snake and whose bite is also known as “the kiss of death”.

#1 The Mosquito

Taking the first spot on this list is none other than the mosquito. Now this may not have crossed your mind, especially looking at the other animals on this list, but this insect has definitely earned its spot. The mosquito alone kills up to 750,000 to a million people per year due to the various diseases it carries and can spread when feasting on human blood. The most common disease the mosquito spreads is malaria which is very deadly in many countries around the world. This goes to show that even the smallest creatures can do just as much damage as the bigger ones.

*Note that the animals on this list will not be based how many human deaths they cause per year, but by how dangerous they are to human in general (however, the amount of deaths they cause will contribute to how dangerous they are).

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  1. Very interesting! Learned something new. I saw hippos in the Nile River and when I started moving towards them, a local person told me that they were very dangerous. Everyone stayed a long way from them.

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