Toys Were Us

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid…” Unfortunately, we will have to grow up now. On March 15th, the company announced that it was closing all of its stores in the U.S. They also said that they are going to be closing them over a period of time rather than closing all at once. Before they close, however, they will be having clearance sales. Tragically, the owner of the company, Charles Lazarus, who started the company when he was 24, passed away at age 94, just a week after announcing that the store would be closing.

The main reason for the store closing was caused by bankruptcy due to the fact that they couldn’t generate the income that they used to. With the rise of online shopping and other places having more to offer, Toys R Us just couldn’t keep up. A company that contributed to Toys R Us closing is Amazon. With the ability to order products online and have it shipped right to your front step, it was often unnecessary to go out to a store and shop there.

The closing of the store is sad for a lot of people, but especially for young adults because of sentimental reasons. A lot of kids grew up going to Toys R Us frequently and have many memories of the stores. For kids, the atmosphere of the store was always exciting since you would just see shelves filled with toys almost everywhere you looked, along with all the people that came to the store when it was still popular. But if you were to go to the store today, you wouldn’t see many people or toys there. The store would feel empty, as you would expect from a company that is shutting down, and the atmosphere feels pretty much non-existent than what it did as a child.

If you want to reminiscence over your childhood or do some shopping one last time,  find a Toys R Us near you before they all close.

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