Varsity Boys B-Ball Finish Successful Season

Our Berks Christian School varsity boys basketball team had their best season in the last 10 years. Our boys dressed as fresh as they came to play.

This year, the boys team aimed to push farther than ever before, trying to ignore the ever-present shadow of previous seasons following them. With a new team and new coach this season, they’ve  already started in a whole new direction. Despite all the pain and struggle, the team ended with a record (12-11). This is something that has not happened in about 20 years, which makes this their greatest season.

Coach Kody Godsey, the players, and fans are ecstatic at how the team made the CCAC playoffs, winning their first playoff game since 2010. Overall, Coach Godsey feels this was a fantastic year and is ready to see how this will affect the team of next season.

After talking with the team, they gave some heartfelt responses. Many of the players interviewed said that, for next year, they needed to work on better chemistry and control of their emotions and words. Beyond this, by far the most mentioned issue was how the team distributed the ball. A lot of tough or selfish shots were taken, instead of passing to find the open man. This is something not just the players have commented on, but also Coach Godsey, who said, “Their biggest problems are sharing the ball and needing to leave their ego at the door.” Yet, many of the team members shared that even with the struggles of high school drama, the team connected in a wonderful way.

As we have seen, the team has climbed a hill that seemed un-climbable. Yet, the path ahead is not one easily walked. It will take work, heart, and most importantly, a team working like a married couple does: individuals who become one with their strongest bond being their link to God. The team has to work as a single body where unity and trust is key. Never stop growing, boys. I would like to leave you today with a message from Mr. Godsey: “The future is bright, but we have to stay on task. Trust in the process.”

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