Winter Banquet 2017

Winter banquet is a yearly event here at BCS where all high schoolers are invited to dress up, come together to eat, and do fun activities together. Our theme this year is “A Chinese Christmas”.  

Miss Klase says that this year’s theme and location were chosen to highlight the distinctive culture that comes with the iconic symbol that the city of Reading is known for.  At the Pagoda, students will enjoy some delicious Chinese food and have some yummy ice cream for dessert. When dinner and pictures at the Pagoda are finished, student council has some small games planned that have to do with Chinese culture. 

After this, they plan to go to Xtreme Air for some crazy bouncing and flips. Xtreme Air is an indoor trampoline park with 19 thousand square feet of trampoline jumping, along with pit diving, basketball and ninja course fun. Lily Mendez, senior, says she has been to Xtreme Air before and that it’s such a fun place to be when you are with friends. Her favorite part is the ninja course, along with pushing people onto the trampoline.

Lily added, “I’m also excited to see all the pretty dresses, make fun memories, and just see everyone genuinely enjoy themselves.”  Maryed Saint-Hilaire, senior, says, “I’m excited because it is my senior year, and I am excited to be able to spend time with most of my close friends and just have a good time.” 

Winter Banquet started in 2010 and has continued to be a tradition here. Last year’s theme was “Victorian Christmas”.  We had planned to go to the Pagoda and have dinner, followed by a trip to Hershey Park. However, due to snow, we had to postpone the event twice and eventually had to move the dinner to here at BCS. This year, student council decided that they still wanted to go to the Pagoda, and picked this year’s theme to match its location. Each year’s theme is chosen by student council and Miss Klase. Each student council member gets to give their opinion and suggest what the students would like overall. 

Winter banquet is such a fun event and something that all high schoolers look forward to. If you are able to attend, you should. Don’t miss this unforgettable experience!

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